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April 13, 2008


Improved Experience

My take is that there are two separate tracks playing in this scenario: form and function.

Regarding form, I think that perception of what's acceptable for a cover letter is changing -- as are many of the methods of communication around us. Video, podcasting, emails, even twitter...all are becoming socially acceptable ways of bridging the electronic introduction between candidates and employers. Perhaps it is driven by a generational shift in the global talent pool; perhaps it is a by-product of the mainstream embracing electronic correspondence? I'm not sure what is driving it -- perhaps you have some thoughts to share.

I doubt that the function of the cover letter will ever truly go away, any more than the function of a thank you note will. It is a small social courtesy, a bit of human glue in a bits and bytes information exchange. When done well, it still can hook a recruiter or hiring manager for a closer look.

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Umm? What are YOUR thoughts, please?

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