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May 08, 2008


Michael Maynard

In my career, I've been on both sides of the hiring process. I'll be writing about the process in an upcoming article.

I do understand your frustration with recruiters. Many are little more than paper pushers. However, some are very attentive to the
hiring criteria of their client, the business looking to hire, and the candidates.

I suggest that you just haven't been in contact with an excellent and responsive recruiter. I'm sure you'll find one who will work with you to find the most appropriate job for you.

Improved Experience

Thanks for commenting! I just stopped by your blog, btw, and love what you've got going over there.

Readers, be sure to visit http://randommanager.blogspot.com for more insights on this topic of candidate experience with recruiters.


I can sympathize with the blogger. I've also put up some thoughts about recruiters on my own blog, at http://randommanager.blogspot.com.

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