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Employee engagement begins long before the first day of work...and when it comes to hiring, every contact has the power to deepen the commitment of people who can make the difference between good and great at your company.

If the experience is a good one, there's a bonus: the business reputation grows, attracting great talent is easier, hiring is more predictable, and retention is less of a headache. These are efficiencies that can positively impact your bottom line.

But if the experience isn't so good, the company has to competer harder for great talent - and overcome viral effects of negative press in the talent marketplace. Openings take longer to fill, turnover rates suffer.

We can help. Improved Experience provides real-time recruiting intelligence and benchmarking data to help you make the connection between hiring initiatives, employer brand, and recruiting results.

Competing for talent isn't getting any easier. Achieve a competitive advantage by combining your recruiting strategy with our measurement solutions for candidate experience and employer brand. Check out our website at